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Quotation mark Having embarked on a system review as a priority for the ongoing success of your business, you may be considering the following points:

  • you are spending most of your annual budget on maintenance – not on new functionality
  • your current system doesn’t meet your requirements
  • you are wasting money on bespoke development because what you want is not in your current system
  • you have to maintain and support those bespoke programs
  • your current supplier can't meet your longer term objectives – or not at the right price
  • your margins are being eroded because of rising costs

So when is the right time to move?

The simple answer to this question is now!

If you agree with my assessment, you have already started your selection process; by not taking the next step, you may be wasting your annual budget and risking being left behind with an old legacy system.

All too often the reason for not moving forward is that you have become used to the flaws in your current system. Until you’ve seen what’s available, you won't be able to make an informed decision about what to do next.


I am confident that we will add value to your business while costing you less.

We understand the fear factor associated with installing a new system; however, we have a proven track record and have impressed many Investment Managers (now customers) with our ability to work within challenging constraints and timescales, then deliver results that were thought to be unattainable.

We engage with our customers on a partnership basis that is mutually beneficial. You may have spent much of your current budget, but this doesn’t have to be prohibitive – there are always ways round this. The longevity of our partnership is more important than short-term gain. Quotation mark

John Motley
Operations Director

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