APA (Advanced Portfolio Administration, Back & Middle Office)

A single point of entry for the recording and administration of data used in the management of your client portfolios. Screen driven processes ensure that from the moment a client is On-boarded all transactions are processed accurately. Labour intensive back-office tasks are simplified and, seamless integration of data within other modules in the IMVS Solution limit the need for rework and, ultimately reduces cost.

  • All Cash transactions are processed in a manner providing daily reconciliation in line with CASS 5.5
  • Automatic reconciliation with custodians enables adherence to CASS 6.5 rules
  • Generation of contract notes and other product documentation feed directly to CRM and VOLe
  • Income processing accounts for Group 1 and 2 payments for unit trusts and adheres to the Accrued Interest Scheme for interest bearing stocks. UK and SA106 tax schedules are available for inclusion in tax packs.
  • HMRC reporting on ISAs is facilitated.
  • Processing of Corporate Events is simplified using a combination of screen driven processes and Event Builders
  • Daily Price feed includes Quarter-up prices, exchange rates and benchmarks to ensure client reporting is always up to date.
  • A range of tailorable reports are available for periodic, end of year and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Pre and post trade compliance checks for client preferences, restrictions and earmarked cash.
  • Flexible Fee processing
  • Auto-deal building and deal aggregation prior to execution with preferred RSP/DMA
  • Trading in multiple currencies and accounting provision for currency trades