IMPACT (Front Office)

The Front Office module allows Asset/Wealth Managers to apply, modify and reapply investment models and strategies to clients based on any number of classifications.

Decision support is enhanced throughout the analysis screens by an extensive range of filters which can be tailored and include a variety of different graphing tools.

Deals can be generated for upload/transmission to any RSP/DMA and are seamlessly integrated with middle and back office for contract note management and on-going settlement.

IMVS continues to work closely with Asset Managers to further enhance this sophisticated and powerful Front Office solution which uses browser technology to allow access and usage from any location.

  • Client Dashboard
  • Portfolio Modelling (incorporating investment objectives, restrictions etc)
  • Portfolio Management and review including CGT positions
  • Portfolio Rebalancing (incorporating investment objectives, restrictions etc)
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Decision Support (incorporating investment objectives, risk profiles)
  • Reverse Portfolio
  • Order generation (including pre-trade compliance)
  • Performance Measurement – true time weighted or Modified Dietz
  • Full CGT Calculations