On-Line Services

Our digital client portal is a unique way for you to reinforce your relationship with your client and provide them with access and control they require. Branded to match your corporate image, every time your clients log on they are reminded of the quality of the services you provide. VOLe gives clients the ability to monitor their portfolios and to download adhoc reports (valuations, Cash statements, Tax reports etc) as required. The production of periodic statements via VOLe cuts down on the additional administrative costs associated with the MiFID II requirement of Quarterly reporting.

eAPP facilitates the increase of FUM by offering on-line client on-boarding for Advisors or individuals. Branded Application forms can be completed by prospects that meet certain risk profiles and models and Third party software such as Verify™ and Sage Pay™ are used to manage AML and bank payments. Once accepted, and the application moved from a prospect to a client status, automatic dealing, and repeat dealing based on further subscriptions is initiated.