Reconciliation Services

PVS (Portfolio Valuation Service)

Under a licence agreement with Financial Express (FE), we are able to re-distribute to our users the closing prices and other residual data including Currency, Exchange Rates, Yields and Indices.

Overnight, eHUB (the Electronic Integration Engine within the database) collects the codes for active instruments within the database and sends requests for prices. The prices are inserted and exceptions lists generated, ensuring that client portfolios values are always up-to-date based on the closing prices from the previous day.

SREC (Stock Reconciliation)

Where the required data files can be obtained from Custodians, CREST Sponsored Membership etc, the data received can be compared to the holdings held on the system via pre-defined depots to perform Stock Reconciliations. On completing the reconciliation eHUB (the Electronic Integration Engine within the database) provides exception details for further investigation, the details will also be included in the RMR (Regulatory Monitoring & Reporting module) for visibility to the Compliance Department. The current live external providers are-

  • A J Bell Securities
  • CoFunds
Additional providers can be added upon request.

BANKREC (Bank Reconciliations)

Where banks offer the facility to upload data, this data can be generated from the system at either regular scheduled intervals or following the completion of processing any transaction that affects a client balance. This is particularly useful where firms operate a pooled nominee for stock and segregated accounts for cash, or where firms use a pooled bank account which operates segregated ledgers (eg. Natwest Clients’ Monies Service).

BANKREC allows for simple upload of

  • Direct Debit instructions for subscriptions
  • Payment instructions for Income withdrawals
  • Dividend payments allocated to clients
  • Deal settlement

In addition, balances can be downloaded and reconciled against the ledgers held for each client and, where bank interest is paid, automatic allocation is available.

WS (Web Services)

Our web services can be configured to schedule the production and transmission of data to external providers and other Third Parties alleviating the need for human intervention. Data is transmitted and, based on the data received in the response files re-submission, where appropriate, is fully automated.

Current third parties include:

  • Unavista (MiFIR Transaction Reporting)
  • Curtis Banks
  • James Hay
  • Liberty
  • Utmost
  • A J Bell
  • Canada Life
  • IOMA
  • Suffolk Life