Good Accredited System

APA (Administration & Operations)

Advanced Portfolio Administration (APA) is central to the whole suite of IMVS Products and performs two primary functions.

Arguably most importantly, it is the central repository or ‘central hub’ as we like to call it. It provides the single point of entry for the storage and recording of all of the relevant static data you need to manage your client’s assets. The list is exhaustive: from full client (KYC requirements), instrument types, asset classes, currencies, bank accounts, Brokers and Fund Managers, commission and fee charging methods, to name but a few.

In addition, it enables you to complete the daily processes and activities pertaining to all of your client’s portfolios and static data, ensuring that you are compliant with FSA and other regulatory bodies.

Ever- increasing regulations add to the administrative overhead of Asset/Wealth management organisations, therefore a system which minimises the clerical effort involved in administering client’s accounts has a fundamental impact on a firm’s profitability.

APA is a highly scalable portfolio administration system that allows firms to improve their client service levels, increase productivity, enhance compliance monitoring and reporting, and reduce IT and Operations costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Single recording of client reference data allows:
    • continuity of information not only in the APA but across all associated products: IMPACT, VOLe2 and eAPP, ensuring the integrity for the management of your clients investment activity, reporting (client, management and regulatory)and daily administration requirements
  • Corporate Event Builder means that
    • whether it be a simple 1 for 1 bonus issue or a complex corporate event into one or more constituent parts. The flexibility of this tool enables the most complicated terms to be catered for and clients' assets to be updated accordingly
  • Income Reporting allows
    • the production of all your HMRC ISA, JISA, EUSD section 17 and 18 returns at a push of a button, reducing the administrative burden upon your team, without having to outsource the process or the additional expense
  • Auto payment and collection of funds directly from your clients bank account provides secure
    • management in accordance with your clients instructions for withdrawals and subscriptions directly from their defined bank, thus streamlining the process and reducing both your direct and indirect costs