Good Accredited System

eApp (Applications Online)

Clients complete online JISA application forms and, having selected the appropriate product and model form a list of options, they elect to make a full or initial subscription that is then processed through Sage Pay™. The money is credited to your defined client money account and all applicant details are recorded within APA. Initially, these details are stored as prospects until matching of the associated cash has been completed. Upon matching, and where activation of a live client has been performed, the automatic dealing process takes place. This is based on the client’s selection criteria – for example, model selection – then stored and repeated for all subsequent subscriptions.

Clients are automatically emailed to advise them that their portfolio is now active and that details can be viewed using Vole2.

A full audit trail is stored and can be reviewed by you.

eApp is currently being enhanced to include applications for other types of products (ISA/DFM) which are imminent.


  • client driven applications allows
    • your clients or prospects to have the ability via your website to complete initial or additional product applications and make payments electronically via SagePay. The details of their completed applications automatically populate the required fields in APA when the process has been completed by them. Thus, reducing user input and the need for paper based applications
  • customised to match your corporate website means
    • when your clients are completing applications via your website there is total continuity and ‘look and feel’
  • products, funds and models which means that
    • you have the ability to define the investment strategies available to your clients' or prospects via this online portal which gives you complete control of your product offering by this medium