Project Management

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Whether it be a Data Migration Project or any other particular or specified projects the success is only achieved if there is a defined and structured methodology in place. The scope of any project undertaken by IMVS as a minimum will included:-

  • Identifying personnel involved and their responsibilities/authorities.
  • Agreeing and signing off a list detailed statements of requirements.
  • Agreeing and the establishment of a timetable to complete a set of defined tasks.
  • Agreeing benchmarks and risks.

In the case of a Data Migration Project this would consist of a Project Team consisting of:-

  • A Project Sponsor – A senior member of the prospect who would have overall responsibility for project, resource allocation, business and financial decisions affecting the project. Approves Project Plan. Authorises project initiation, implementation and completion.
  • IMVS Account Manager: Responsible for managing the commercial relationship with and reporting to the Project Sponsor.
  • IMVS Project Manager – A senior member of the IMVS team who reports to Project sponsor and responsible for maintaining and progressing project plan. Will ensure weekly verbal progress reports are given to all relevant personnel from both teams.
  • IMVS Development Manager: Works directly with the IMVS Project Manager and is responsible for managing all of the development required from data migration plus any additional development agreed within the scope of the project. Will also potentially be required to complete development.
  • IMVS Data Migration/Developer: Reports directly for the both IMVS Project & Development Managers and is responsible for the completing the code to facilitate the migration of the data, plus any potential additional development that has been agreed as within scope of the project.
  • IMVS Development & Infrastructure: Reports to the IMVS Project Manager and is responsible for all of the product installation
  • Prospect Project Leader: Allocated by the Project Sponsor to participate in the co-ordination and management of both full and part time personnel assigned by the prospect as part of the project team. Feedback to Project Manager and Project Sponsor on results of project activities, keeping them aware of issues and potential issues arising, in a timely manner. Assists in maintaining record of progress of implementation of project.
  • Prospect IT Systems Test Manager: Reports to Project Leader and responsible for all IT systems testing. Technical facilitator, contributing to sponsors decision to proceed based on technical and functional fitness of the process
  • Prospect FCA Compliance Test Manager: Reports to Project Leader and responsible for all FSA compliance testing of system.