End User Training

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Our approach to training existing or new users is highly flexible and is designed to fit in with the customer training strategy and the personnel to be trained.

We have found that, the more familiar the data, the more comfortable users feel when transitioning to a new system. Our favoured approach therefore links with migration. Users cannot validate that they are happy with the migrated data if they do not know how to use it, similarly if there is no familiar data, users feel suspicious of a new system.

  • Our initial training takes place prior to starting acceptance testing, we cover all areas of the system that the users will need to ensure that the static data is correct and that they become familiar with the day to day administrative processes.
  • Once users are confident in these areas, additional training into the more advanced processing is provided. This training will be tailored for specific teams, ie. Front office / back office and for back office process may be run generically or geared towards specific roles eg. those involved in processing corporate actions, fees etc. if required.
  • During each training session trainees are provided with crib sheets and training notes for all of the processes covered. These are provided electronically and may be included into process manuals if desired.
  • If required, our trainer will remain on site to provide advice and hand holding during the post training period.
  • Additional training can be provided upon request and can be tailored to the requirements of the trainee(s) we can deliver on site training or can accommodate 3 trainees in our Birmingham office.
  • A ‘train the trainer’ approach can be used , in this situation however, we would expect and support queries to be filtered through the IMVS trained personnel, this way if there are any gaps in the training these can be identified