IMVS provide wealth management solutions to investment managers,
discretionary fund managers, wealth managers, asset managers and financial
advisers (IFAs) in order to relieve the administrative burden of managing money.

Our key ethos is to develop and integrate our systems with relevant 3rd party
providers in order to automate as much of the workflow as possible.

APA – Advanced Portfolio Administration (Back & Middle Office)

APA is a comprehensive wealth management operational system designed specifically to minimise the effort involved in the day to day administration of clients and portfolios. Data managed within APA underpins the entire Wealth Management Solution, seamlessly integrating to our suite of wealth management solutions ensuring there is no need for re-keying.

Screen driven processes ensure that from the moment a client is on-boarded all transactions are processed accurately. Labour intensive back-office tasks are simplified and, seamless integration of data within other modules in the IMVS Solution limit the need for rework and, ultimately reduces cost.

  • All Cash transactions are processed in a manner providing daily reconciliation in line with CASS 5.5
  • Automatic reconciliation with custodians enables adherence to CASS 6.5 rules
    Generation of contract notes and other product documentation feed directly to CRM and VOLe
  • Income processing accounts for Group 1 and 2 payments for unit trusts and adheres to the Accrued Interest Scheme for interest bearing stocks. UK and SA106 tax schedules are available for inclusion in tax packs.
  • HMRC reporting on ISAs is facilitated.
  • Processing of Corporate Events is simplified using a combination of screen driven processes and Event Builders
  • Daily Price feed includes Quarter-up prices, exchange rates and benchmarks to ensure client reporting is always up to date.
  • A range of tailorable reports are available for periodic, end of year and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Pre and post trade compliance checks for client preferences, restrictions and earmarked cash.
  • Flexible Fee processing
  • Auto-deal building and deal aggregation prior to execution with preferred RSP/DMA
  • Trading in multiple currencies and accounting provision for currency trades

IMPACT (Front Office Portfolio Management)

IMPACT offers Investment Managers detailed and comprehensive analysis of their client’s portfolios and investment activity. Sophisticated modelling and rebalancing tools, including pre and post trade compliance/restriction controls, enable efficient creation of order books which feed directly into APA for contract note production and settlement. IMPACT links to a range of Third Party platforms to prevent the need to rekey deal sheets and centralises deal production.

This Front Office module allows Asset/Wealth Managers to apply, modify and reapply investment models and strategies to clients based on any number of classifications.

Decision support is enhanced throughout the analysis screens by an extensive range of filters which can be tailored and include a variety of different graphing tools.

Deals can be generated for upload/transmission to any RSP/DMA and are seamlessly integrated with middle and back office for contract note management and on-going settlement.

IMVS continues to work closely with Asset Managers to further enhance this sophisticated and powerful Front Office solution which uses browser technology to allow access and usage from any location.

  • Client Dashboard
  • Portfolio Modelling (incorporating investment objectives, restrictions etc.)
  • Portfolio Management and review including CGT positions
  • Portfolio Rebalancing (incorporating investment objectives, restrictions etc.)
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Decision Support (incorporating investment objectives, risk profiles)
  • Reverse Portfolio
  • Order generation (including pre-trade compliance)
  • Performance Measurement – true time weighted or Modified Dietz
  • Full CGT Calculations


Manage all of your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers and prospects.

CRM applications are increasingly a necessity for running a business and effectively serving clients. This module provides you with organised access to information regarding your prospects and clients and the interaction between them and your firm. Developed internally by IMVS, our CRM module avoids the additional costs that are associated with proprietary software.

CRM has document management & client management features to give the user a complete picture of the available clients. Events can be logged against a contact and appointments sent to their own calendar. All documentation can be assigned to a contact and then retrieved giving the user ultimate convenience.

Enhanced letter writing abilities enable report packs to be included with letters. Periodic or ad-hoc report packs are generated, collated and printed or sent to the Online portal, depending on the client’s preferences.

  • Letter Writing
  • Event Management & Calendar Integration
  • Document Management
  • Client Management
  • Enhanced Letters & Report Packs

Management Information and Compliance Monitoring – MICM

A powerful analysis tool providing quality management information about your firm’s daily activities including system wide auditing to assist in the early detection of potential rule breaches and the easy identification of any oversight. Analysis of client data is also provided to ensure the integrity and accuracy of regulatory reports including MiFIR transactions and HMRC Income Reporting, ISA Reporting, CASS etc.

Underpinning the IMVS Solution is a database containing a vast amount of data relating to all aspects of your firm’s wealth management activities. This module is designed to facilitate the production of management information in a proactive manner to ensure that you are managing your business and client investments within both regulatory constraints and best working practice.

We have designed the system so that you can decide on the frequency of the reports and who should be notified if there is an exception i.e. if there is nothing to report we do not notify you to take a action as this wastes time and effort.

We fully appreciate that there are reports you will want configured specifically for the way you work, and we will configure these for you. However, there are some standard reports we will set up as a default.

  • 10% Value drop (MiFID II)
  • Capacity for loss
  • Changes to client data (bank account, address etc.)
  • Missing client data
  • Out of balance stock reconciliations
  • Out of balance bank reconciliations
  • Out of balance portfolios
  • CASS Internal Client Money positions
  • Reports based on your requirements

IMVS Hubs and Reconciliation Services

We believe it is important to link to related systems and services that our customers so that we can automate as many processes as possible and prevent having to re key critical information. For this reason, we have developed a number of automated links to various industry suppliers, from SIPP providers and price feeds to Crest settlement and transaction reporting.

Connectivity for transactional reporting, and data reconciliation with third parties is facilitated via this module. From daily MiFIR Transaction reporting to UnaVista through to Price Feeds and Valuation Requests for SIPP and Bond providers the data production is automated and sent securely or received and processed accurately.

Where banks offer the facility to upload data, this data can be generated from the system at either regular scheduled intervals or following the completion of processing any transaction that affects a client balance. This is particularly useful where firms operate a pooled nominee for stock and segregated accounts for cash, or where firms use a pooled bank account which operates segregated ledgers (e.g. NatWest Clients’ Monies Service).

  • BANKREC allows for simple upload of
  • Direct Debit instructions for subscriptions
  • Payment instructions for Income withdrawals
  • Dividend payments allocated to clients
  • Deal settlement

In addition, balances can be downloaded and reconciled against the ledgers held for each client and, where bank interest is paid, automatic allocation is available.

VOLe (Client Portal and Online Services)

Our digital client portal is a unique way for you to reinforce your relationship with your client and provide them with access and control they require. Branded to match your corporate image, every time your client’s logon they are reminded of the quality of the services you provide. VOLe gives clients the ability to monitor their portfolios and to download ad hoc reports (valuations, Cash statements, Tax reports etc) as required. All these reports may be made available to Third Party providers such as Financial Advisers, Accountants and Solicitors.

The production of periodic statements via VOLe cuts down on the additional administrative costs associated with the MiFID II requirement of Quarterly reporting.

eAPP (Online Client Applications and Onboarding)

The eAPP module facilitates the increase of FUM by offering online client onboarding for Advisors or individuals. Branded Application forms can be completed by prospects that meet certain risk profiles and models and Third-party software such as Verify™ and Sage Pay™ are used to manage AML and bank payments. Once accepted, and the application moved from a prospect to a client status, automatic dealing, and repeat dealing based on further subscriptions is initiated.

Available features


Portfolio Modelling


Holistically Manage Portfolios


CGT Calculations


Income Processing


Pre and Post Trade Compliance


Corporate Event Builder


Client and Advisor Portal


Nominee & Custodial Processing


Income Reporting


Double entry accounting for both market and client transactions


Transaction Processing and Settlement


Trade Generation and Management


New Business generation via web based application portal


Performance Reporting (GIPS Compliant)


Client fiduciary reporting including electronic delivery


Manage withdrawals and subscriptions automatically to and from your clients bank accounts


Webservice architecture, to simplify and electronically integrate the IMVS product range with external software components

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Implementation and Support

data migration & implementation

Data Migration & Implementation

project management

Project Management

End User Training

End User Training

system maintenance and upgrades

System Maintenance and Upgrades

Data Migration & Implementation

GAP Analysis

During the initial demonstration and discussion period any system variances or additional requirements highlighted by the prospect. These requirements are then detailed in a specification document which is produced to ensure that our interpretation have been accurately understood. Tis is then signed off as mutually agreed and they are then incorporated into the implementation process usually at no additional cost.

Migration Process

A copy of the database will be obtained and analysed by our development team. Once analysis has taken place a number of iterations of initial migration are carried out until IMVS is confident that the data is correct.

Data migration is a tailored process. Our process is iterative, the first iteration will require a high level of manual definition and during this process the code will be written to import data as per your requirements. This code is then used to automate the subsequent iterations.

Typically, three iterations of migration will be performed, the third will be used for parallel running with a view to go live.

Project Management

Whether it be a Data Migration Project or any other particular or specified projects the success is only achieved if there is a defined and structured methodology in place. The scope of any project undertaken by IMVS as a minimum will included:

  • Identifying personnel involved and their responsibilities/authorities.
  • Agreeing and signing off a list detailed statements of requirements.
  • Agreeing and the establishment of a timetable to complete a set of defined tasks.
  • Agreeing benchmarks and risks.

End User Training

Our approach to training existing or new users is highly flexible and is designed to fit in with the customer training strategy and the personnel to be trained.

We have found that, the more familiar the data, the more comfortable users feel when transitioning to a new system. Our favoured approach therefore links with migration. Users cannot validate that they are happy with the migrated data if they do not know how to use it, similarly if there is no familiar data, users feel suspicious of a new system.

Systems Maintenance and Upgrades

We normally aim for 1 major and 1 minor release during the year however, if a regulatory event occurs which requires an urgent modification there may be additional minor releases, or in the case of MIFID II a major release.

Customers are advised of the proposed content of the release and estimated release date in advance. The content of the release is driven by customer requests, regulatory changes and other modifications identified, customers have the opportunity to request that additional items be included and, if time allows, these requests will be accommodated.

IMVS monitors market changes via public media and our customer base keeps us informed of any notifications of upcoming changes that they have received. We do not have direct contact to the FCA but we do liaise directly with HMRC and attend relevant seminars and conferences. Once the release is built and tested, release notes which include instructions for usage are generated and sent to customers. Implementation dates are agreed and the user may or may not decide that they wish the upgrade to be placed in their UAT environment. If a UAT is undertaken once the user is happy the live environment is upgraded, usually during out of office hours to avoid down time.

Periodically there will be technical releases (Oracle/ Usoft / Crystal etc.) version upgrades, these are managed in the same manner and are undertaken as part of the licence agreement. For major releases, many of our users have a ‘test’ database where they can conduct User Acceptance testing. This database is updated with the new version and, once the users are happy with the new release, the main database will be upgraded. Release notes and user guides for new functionality are provided.

Intermediate releases e.g. additional reports, minor enhancements take place from time to time and the user has the option to add these directly into the database or to go through a full UAT if desired.

Any upgrades or maintenance work that is required is undertaken by IMVS during out of office hours to ensure that there is minimum or no downtime.

What Our Clients Say

As bespoke discretionary investment managers and running our own nominee company for the custody of our client assets, we must deliver a service that meets our clients’ needs and expectations. To help us to achieve this we use IMVS software as our back-office software provider. From our initial discussions with IMVS, we have always been impressed by their staff’s knowledge, willingness to listen to our needs ensuring the software development continues to meet our regulatory needs whether for our company or across all their service users. IMVS software provides the system processes to meet all our dealing and administration requirements. In addition, our clients and advisers, SIPP and offshore bond providers all have access to online valuations and transaction reporting via our portal. We have always been impressed with the quality of their service.

We have been clients of IMVS Ltd for the best part of 20 years and have particularly valued the benefits their software systems bring to our organisation. Being a boutique DFM, our requirements are very demanding and IMVS have constantly delivered a service and software functionality that meets our exacting standards. Our relationship with the team at IMVS is based on mutual understanding and respect and they are always accommodating of new ideas in order to deliver solutions that work for us whilst complying with all of our industry’s regulatory requirements. We remain committed to our ongoing working partnership with IMVS and appreciate their expertise, system knowledge and professionalism.

They have a great product, one that’s proven with a good track record of reliability. Support is good, and when something needs to be fixed, they fix it. They are developing the product intelligently. We have no hesitation in recommending their core APA product, which we consider to be an excellent DFM middle and back office suite.

We have been using the APA portfolio management software since we started trading in 2000 and IMVS provided invaluable advice and assistance in migrating data from our previous system, going above and beyond their remit whenever we needed additional support. Since then we have enjoyed a close working relationship, with IMVS continuing to approach us prior to adding or changing functionality to see how it may impact our working practices. It is this sort of ‘personal touch’ that means we have not once looked at alternative providers as we would be very unlikely to find such commitment elsewhere.

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How it works

CRM Mini Demonstration

CRM Mini Demonstration

The following video clip shows how you can select multiple documents for a range a clients and then tailor the covering letter to suit each client before distributing to all.

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